Nicky Epstein's Enchanted Knits for Dolls
Nicky Epstein Enchanted Knits for Dolls 

25 Mystical, Magical Costumes for 18-Inch Dolls

Who better than design superstar Nicky Epstein to create an adorable collection of crochet patterns for today's wildly popular 18-inch dolls? Epstein's 25 playful, fashion-forward garments—from hats, coats, and jackets to dresses, skirts, tops, and pants—range from classic to chic to trendy, and she gives all the basics on measuring, getting a great fit, and choosing the right yarn and needles. Nicky's outfits make up a stylish complete doll wardrobe—perfect for a special little girl's special friend!

By Nicky Epstein
Paperback • 128 pages

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